Do-It-Yourself Odango
By Renee Scofield

Basically, meatballs are just two pigtails tied into knots. The trick is twisting those pigtails before tying those knots to ensure rounded, rather than retarded, odango atama.

  • one brush
  • four rubber band-y hair ties
  • plenty of patience and practice


    1) part your hair down the middle of your head

    2) using two of the hair ties, pull each side of hair up into pigtails (You should now temporarily look similar to Baby Spice. AAAAAAAHHH!!!!! It's Sailormoon NOT Baby Spice! SAILORMOOOOOOOOOOOOON!!!)


    3) for right side of head, twist pigtail around in counterclockwise direction about two to three times (for left side, twist clockwise); whichever pigtail you choose to do first, you should be twisting each one inward towards the center of your head

    4) with one hand, place thumb and index finger underneath twisted pigtail
    5) with other hand, pull pigtail up, behind and around over the hair tie (If that just totally confused you....... then look at the picture. I have no idea how else to word that.)

    6) using thumb and index finger, grab hold of twisted pigtail

    7) pull hair through into a knot

    8) with one hand tighten knot while other hand guides hair around, creating rounded odango shape

    9) place a hair tie behind odango, keeping the knot from coming out (You'd be amazed at how many people don't realize there's a hair tie back there. They actually think that those knots stay in by themselves!)

    10) repeat process with other pigtail, twisting in opposite direction from the first; this way both meatballs are symmetrical

    11) Shout 'Moon Crystal Power Make-up!' and run around the house chasing your little brother with a dust buster.

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