From a press release posted on Anime News Service:

Cartoon Network Acquires Cowboy Bebop for Adult Swim
Series Will Make Its U.S. Debut September 2 At Midnight During Cartoon Network's New Animation Block

Cartoon Network introduces Cowboy Bebop, an episodic anime series that will air in one-hour blocks, premiering on Sunday, September 2 at 12 midnight (ET, PT) during Cartoon Network's Adult Swim, the network's new adult-targeted line-up.

Taking place in a future where the population of Earth has migrated into space, Cowboy Bebop deals with the exploits of the ship Bebop and its bounty hunter crew as they take on various assignments in a hyperspace world rampant with crime and opportunities. The show follows the exploits of bounty hunters, Spike and Jet, as they roam the galaxy with their dog, Ein, tracking down criminals. Cowboy Bebop is a production of Bandai Entertainment.

Cartoon Network extends its mission as the world's leader in animated entertainment on September 2, when it splashes down with ADULT SWIM, a new block of animated programming aimed at adults ages 18-34.

The block will air only on Sunday and Thursday nights from 10 p.m.-1 a.m. (ET, PT). In addition to Cowboy Bebop, Adult Swim will include programs such as Space Ghost Coast to Coast, Home Movies and Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law.

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